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SQR - History

SQR was developed keeping in mind the needs of a trader trading in the Indian stock market through NSE or BSE. Though it's primarily designed for traders trading in the Indian stock market, you might find it useful for using it with other stock exchanges in other countries as well. Infact, SQR can be used to track any index or number that varies over time. You can use it to track currency, inflation, mutual funds and other financial instruments or indices given an appropriate data provider to fetch these values.


SQR started off as a personal project in 2008, to help us keep track of our investments in Indian Equities. It has been slowly evolving since then and has been in use by a handful of traders. The valuable feedback given by our user base has helped us evolve SQR to its present form. However, SQR, till now, was not available publicly. We wanted to change that, so we've spent time trying to refine it and make it somewhat product worthy. We had a lot to do, and very little time, so we've narrowed the implementation scope in its first public release. With that said there is already enough in it that we're proud of and hope will be of use to you as well.