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How to get SQR

SQR is free for its users. However, you still need a machine specific license key (available for free on successful registration) to use SQR.  

SQR can also be used without registration and obtaining a machine specific license key in a time limited fully-functional demo mode. This is useful if you would like to check out SQR before registering and obtaining a free license to use it.


Pre-requisites: You need a machine running Windows XP (Service Pack 3), Windows Vista or Windows 7. You need to have Microsoft .net Framework version 4 (full profile) installed on your machine to run SQR as well as the machine id generation utility. Click here to download Microsoft .net framework.


Here are the steps to download SQR and obtain a valid license key:


1. Fill up and submit the registration form on this website.


2. Your registration details shall be sent to us. We shall verify your registration details and if everything is ok, we shall send back an email to your registered email id. The email shall contain a hyperlink. You need to visit this link to complete your account activation process.


3. Download the SQR ID-generator from this website. Make sure you have .net Framework 4 (full profile) installed. Run the SQR ID-generator on your system to generate the machine id file sqrID.dat


4. Come back to this website. Login using your account credentials and then click the Submit SQR Id File link. You shall be able to upload sqrid.dat generated in the previous step on this page.


5. Upon receiving the unique machine id file sqrID.dat, we shall send you a free license file "sqr.lic" to use SQR on the machine the machine id file was generated.


6. You can now download SQR from this website. Install SQR and make a note of the installation directory. Once SQR is installed copy your license file sqr.lic in the same directory SQR was installed.


7. You are now ready to use SQR. The username password for SQR are the same as the ones chosen while registering on this website.