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Write Your Own Data Provider For Use With SQR

To start writing a data provider for SQR you should be familiar with Microsoft .net programming. You can write the data provider in either vb.net or vc.net. You can download a vb.net template project for developing SQR data providers from this page.


Once you've implemented the data provider, you can test it with the SQR data provider template project itself. Once done you can send your implementation in the form of vb.net or vc.net source code via email to newdataprov@embediv.com. We shall verify and digitally sign your implementation and then send it back to you. You can now use your newly written data provider within SQR or distribute it to other SQR users.


More details on implementing the data provider are available in the sqr help file under the section SQR Portfolios->SQR Data Providers->Write Your Own Data Provider. The help file is installed in your SQR installation directory.


Click on the link below to download the SQR Data Provider Development/Testing Project Template

Download: SQR Data Provider Template Version 1