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SQR Reasons

 We put here some reasons why you might be interested in SQR.  

  • You're interested in Indian equities and executing your trades on NSE or BSE.
  • You want to take control of your investments, benchmark your returns and see where you're gaining the most.
  • You would like to know instantly the current market value of your holdings in various stocks.
  • You like to get information on daily gains/losses that you make on your holdings.
  • You like to get instant access to annualized realized as well as unrealized profits or losses on your investments.
  • You have a problem tracking bonuses, dividends, stock splits to keep track of your profits and losses in various scrips.
  • You're taking a lot of time to calculate your short term and long term gains for tax purposes.
  • You're paying an external party to calculate your taxable gains
  • You want to expirement and see if leveraging will help you maximize your gains.
  • You have multiple brokerage accounts and find it difficult to track your holdings.
  • You would like to be updated of current news related to various companies in which you hold positions.
  • You realize that whatever happens worldover has a direct impact on your investments. So, you would like to keep a check on major world indices and news.
  • You want to start trading but don't want to begin with real money. You would like to experiment with paper trading first to see if your trading strategy really works.
  • You're a broker or a sub-broker and want to keep track of your clients investment portfolios.
  • You like to be updated of various investment schemes available in the market.