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SQR - It does this as well !!

We have tried to solve certain common problems that we see with software around us in SQR. We like these features in SQR and hope our users will find them beneficial too.


Tabbed MDI Interface

There is nothing special about tabbed interface or MDI (Multiple Document Interface) applications. SQR combines tabbed interface with the MDI interface as well. But we don't maximize our windows by default. This enables you to have a look at multiple tabs simultaneously. This is especially useful in the context of SQR since it supports different application functionalities in a single application. If you still like maximized windows, then all you need to do is maximize one, and the interface changes to something that you're more used to.


Intelligent Downloader

How would you like a stock portfolio management application to download stock quotes for you. You might be interested in getting quotes for some thousands of securities at a time. You might be updating a single or multiple security portfolios at a time. You might be behind a very slow or very fast internet connection. Your internet connection throughput may vary as you start stop other applications. Your internet connection itself might change as well in between when you connect to a different network or you change your location from office to home etc... You wouldn't like to update your connection parameters as and when these changes take place.

We've taken care of these issues in SQR. SQR automatically adjusts itself with your internet connection to give you the fastest possible response to execute the job at hand. So, you don't need to configure SQR differently if you're using a dialup connection or if you've got fibre coming to your home. SQR takes care of it. Moreover, if for example, your default internet connection changes from a proxy to no proxy configuration, SQR takes care of it as well. We've seen leading browsers and other applications failing such scenarios and either requiring a restart or refusing a lot of requests before finally coming back again.


Your portfolios belong to you, we don't have access to your investment data

SQR doesn't store your investment data on Embediv or any other place on the web.  We respect the privacy of your data so we have designed SQR to be a desktop application. SQR does authenticate you on Embediv, on startup and does minimal things like doing a version update check. This involves an exchange of your username, password and the current version of the application that you're using with the Embediv servers. Apart from this the stock quotes are fetched from the chosen data provider and news fetched from Embediv and other subscribed feeds.

It is also important for you to keep backup copies of your data on external storage as well because, if lost, we cannot retrieve it for you.


Memory Leak-Free WebBrowser Control

SQR launches it's web-browsing control as a seperate Windows process in components like the SQR News Reader. It monitors the memory consumed by the external process and restarts it if it crosses a certain threshold. This helps SQR get rid of memory leaks typically associated with the .net web-browsing component.


External Realtime Data Providers for free

SQR is not limited to the data provider it provides by default. You can add external data providers, provided by Embediv or the SQR user community, or you can write your own data provider.


Customized Portfolio Updates

Using SQR, you can create portfolios having thousands of securities. There are times when you're interested in price updates for a subset or only a single security in that portfolio. SQR allows you to select which securities you want to update when performing one.


Data Provider Overriding

Since SQR provides you the facility to hook external data providers, you might be using a couple of them for your needs. While creating a portfolio you are required to choose the default data provider against each security you add. At the time of getting price updates, you can override the data provider and ask SQR to fetch price updates from a different data provider present in your data store. This requires that you have created an appropriate security mapping table in SQR.


One Click Update

Thanks to the tabbed MDI interface, SQR allows you to open multiple portfolios simultaneously. But that's not all. Using a single button press it is also possible for you to update all the portfolios you've opened. The update happens simultaneously using the intelligent downloader. You can also ask SQR to stop updating a single or all investment portfolios with the click of a button. Closing all open windows is also a button press away.


Glass Notifications

If you're using Windows Vista or Windows 7 and have "Windows Aero" enabled, SQR can provide you with glass notifications for your subscribed news feeds. We like the glass notifications, however, if you don't find them good enough, you can disable them and switch to normal notifications.


Lakhs/Crores Not Millions/Billions

SQR was primarily designed for the Indian trader. We understand lakhs and crores better than millions and billions. So, SQR uses this format for comma seperation when displaying numbers.


Free Realtime Data

This option does not come by default. SQR uses Yahoo Finance by default and their feed is delayed. However, SQR allows you to hook external data providers. All you need to do is find a SQR data provider that gives realtime data. You shall then get realtime quotes for free.


Free Tax Computation

If you're trading in Indian equities, SQR will come very handy because you can forget about the trouble you used to have while calculating your long term and short term taxable gains. Once you populate your holdings and trades inside SQR, it does it for you.


News as it happens when it happens

SQR keeps you updated with the latest news. You don't need to browse thousands of websites or use an external RSS aggregator to be updated. SQR has it built in.


Advise on investment products

This helps SQR stay alive, as it helps us send our sponsors message to you. We believe you'll also benefit from free stock recommendations and knowledge of various investment options available to you.