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SQR Data Providers

In order to get stock quote data SQR uses data providers. By default SQR supports a single data provider "Yahoo Finance". In addition to the internally implemented data provider, it also supports external data providers.

External Data Providers

You can write your own external data provider and use it with SQR. You can also use a data provider published by another SQR user. Click here to get more information on SQR data provider development.


We do not want malicious code circulation through SQR data providers. In order to prevent this, SQR only accepts data providers that are digitally signed by Embediv.


So, if you have developed a data provider for SQR it is required that you sent us your implementation in the form of source code. We shall verify your implementation, digitally sign the generated binary and then send it back to you for your use or for distribution.

We would however like to remove this restriction in the future. So, we are also working on providing support for external data providers in the form of scripts. Scripts don't hide the source code, so any malicious code in the data providers can be found out by the users themselves. It would also enable easier distribution of data providers across the SQR user community.  

Data Provider Security Mappings

Once you've added external data providers to SQR you can create a security mapping table. The security mapping table maps different security codes between different data providers.

This enables you to override the default data provider you chose while creating your portfolio. Data Porvider overriding can be done for a single, select few, or all securities in a portfolio.